Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trusting like Sasha

Yesterday we went for one last hurrah to the pool. Jim decided that he wanted to teach Sasha to float in case she would fall into water. Well, he did teach her and she did float. On her back and on her belly. Amazing!!! She is still very contracted cannot straighten her knees or her legs at her hip joints. Cannot raise her arms up and can barely bend her right elbow. So imagine how much trust she placed in my husband to have him take her to the middle of a pool, in deep water, and then let go of her. (of course he didn't let go until she was able to float)

I don't know if I trust anyone that much. I hope I trust God that much. It was a beautiful thing to see. She knew without a doubt that she couldn't do anything to save herself if he didn't get her out and yet she trusted him to take his hands of of her. And that he would help her if she started to sink. I wish I had a picture to share. I have a feeling it won't be long before I can take a picture of her swimming. One day it might not be so Awesome. But, yesterday it was like a glimpse of the Kingdom of God. Trust, Faith, and Love. I never knew when we started on this journey to bring home Sasha how truly amazing she was going to be. 9 months home and she amazes me almost daily!


  1. LOVE this! tears here..... just tears. It truly is a glimpse of God's face!..... of true beauty!

  2. Just want I needed to read as we start our journey with our sweet Laney. I keep telling myself each day will get better! I can't wait to look back in nine months and see how far we have come!!!

  3. Sally,

    Glad she is doing so well. Keeping up with you on FB!