Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Belgium and preparations

Such a sweet card all the way from Belgium. Jim and I got stuck (aka all expense paid 3 day vacation on American Airlines) on our way to Liberia to adopt Patience. I would go back there for another getaway any time. We had the best time at all the little outdoor cafes and it was our first taste of a European country. Some very good memories.

Preparing to take off again in a few days to pick up Alexis/Sasha. I'm mentally ready to go get her and physcially getting packed. However, the thought of leaving all my children and my husband again is so hard. I would have never thought we would be apart so much this year while bringing home two wonderful blessings. If I could have seen how it would all play out (the travel part not the wonderful kids) I wouldn't have done it. So it is a good thing that God does not show us the entire picture of the plans He has for us. Looking forward to being home again as a family and hopefully staying put for awhile but so thankful for this journey.

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  1. Praying for a quick process in country and home again.